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new in SICOM 3.2 RITI is pleased to announce the newest release of SICOM .... 
WHY SICOM? Advantages of Building GIS Applications with RITI's SICOM
major enhancements
• SDM designated as a pure display and visualization spatial component
• Enhanced stand-alone and server capability and speed
• Visualization and analysis of ESRI’s Shape file without conversion
• Two new auxiliary groups of components: SICOM Tool and SICOM Manager

Available products
Developer's Core package includes ...
• SICOM Display ModuleSICOM Tool, SICOM Profiler and ShapeData Profiler
• 3-month technical support through phone, e-mail or fax (e-mail or fax preferred)
• free patches for bug-fixes, issued quarterly

Supporting Managers A Manager component is a COM component developed for use with the SICOM SDM and designed for use with specific types of applications. Available Managers include ...
Download Working with SICOM 3.2: Visual Basic Tips
Text Manager
: Allows user to create annotations from dialog entry that can be saved and retrieved -- perfect for applications that have a need for allowing annotations that are not within a database layer.
POI Manager: Used to create and store "Points of Interest" relating to a map, such as waypoints, buoys, customer locations or tourist destinations.
Route Manager: Used to allow routes (lines) to be created, edited, saved and displayed -- ideal for route design or object trajectory display.
Vehicle manager: Maintains information about vehicles or vessels. Allows the creation of vehicle symbols and can initiate vehicle tracking through GPS input from the GPSReader Module. Also permits auto tracking and history tracks.
History Manager: Manages the tracks created by the Vehicle Manager. 
Night View Manager: Allows the user to shade the SDM darker -- essential for night time navigation.
SICOM 3.2.5 now available! Read the release notes for version 3.2.5 (pdf 111KB)




Product overview

Product details
• how it works
• potential
• SICOM Display Module
• SICOM Profiler
• SICOM Shape Data Profiler
• SICOM Tool
• new in vers. 3.2

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