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how sicom works ... SICOM software is GIS component software. Components are self-contained or encapsulated code segments that can be seamlessly integrated with other components or with code to rapidly create a customized application. Because SICOM components use external property values to customize the component to specific application requirements, the application developer can use the component to build his/her customized application without ever having to access the component's source code. 

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The core of SICOM is a spatial C++ class, CARIS++, developed by Universal Systems Ltd., Canada. The application developer can configure SICOM to suit his/her specific needs.

SICOM consists of its integral component, Display Module (SDM), along with SICOM Profiler, SICOM Shape Data Profiler, and SICOM Tool. Additional supporting components (tools and managers), specific to the developer's particular application, can be effortlessly integrated for increased functionality.

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SICOM Display Module
SICOM Profiler
SICOM Shape Data Profiler
new in vers. 3.2

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