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what is SICOM MasterTailor? SICOM MasterTailor is a utility for setting up the CARIS supporting environment, providing the digital maps with the desired look and feel (allows control of properties such as feature color and symbol).

SMT features:
• Outputs a new version of the Master file with all unused features removed
• Works with an input feature list and can map (connect) feature list codes to Master file codes to create a Master file that can be used for the selected map files.

– Map feature codes from the input feature list to Master file feature codes for inclusion.
– Add new feature codes and map to existing Master File feature codes or add Master File records
– Alter Master File records.

• Can be used to alter the colors assigned to features ( color table) and to alter the colors available (color map)

– Assign color to a feature code or a group of feature codes.
– Change color assigned to a feature code or group of feature codes.
– Assign a new color to the available color selection.
– Change a color in the available color selection

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Product overview

Product details
• how it works
• potential
• SICOM Display Module
• SICOM Profiler
• SICOM Shape Data Profiler
• SICOM MasterTailor
• SICOM Tool
• new in vers. 3.2

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