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Space Update

EARTH UPDATE, funded by NASA, created by Rice University, and showcased at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, is an interactive, real-time display system of Earth images and data designed for educational purposes and recreational learning.  EARTH UPDATE is GREAT for all ages, and is currently used by MUSEUMS and SCHOOLS. Now it is available to you for home use as well!  Age 8 years and up

  • Hundreds of images and movies representing the best of earth research, documented, with web references for how to find out more.
  • Free image updates from the internet. Save for kids and unattended use.
  • Contains real-time weather maps, bioactivity maps, earthquake maps, etc.
  • Reviewed by NASA scientists, tested by educators, and used by Museums
  • Teacher’s lesson plans included
  • Educational games to stimulate learning

User-friendly “What-Why-Who-How” approach explains the science of each major subject with interactive activities.  You can customize weather maps for your State and region (USA only).

FIVE Earth Sciences Modules 
educate users on:

1: Atmosphere learn more
2: Biosphere learn more
3: Cryosphere learn more
4: Geosphere learn more
5: Hydrosphere learn more

This software is now ready for purchase in both Mac and Windows versions for your learning and enjoyment. (click here for system requirements)

TEACHER’S LESSON PLANS available for teachers, parents, or outreach coordinators to use with Earth Update to learn and teach Earth Science.  Below is a sample.

3 EDUCATIONAL GAMES Having fun is a great way to learn!  After studying all the Earth Spheres, test your knowledge.   

  • Earth Squares Game – Tic Tac Toe view
  • Data Mining view
  • Hot Spots view

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