Earth Update modules: Cryosphere

What is the CRYOSPHERE?
Why do we care about the CRYOSPHERE?
How do we study the CRYOSPHERE?
Who are the people interested in the CRYOSPHERE?
Where can I get more info about the CRYOSPHERE?

CRYOSPHERE teaches us about the frozen water part of the Earth system, from the huge continental ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland and the valley glaciers found on each of the continents save Australia, to the sea, lake and river ice found mostly in polar regions. Have you ever wondered about any of these question topics listed below? CRYOSPHERE answers all these and more - through movies, maps, images, and scientific facts, presented in an easy-to-understand, engaging manner.

What are glaciers?

What are icebergs?

What was the last ice age like?

Is the polar ice cap thawing?

How do icebergs influence ecosystems?
Who claims the Antarctic?
What are Antarctic resources?

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