Earth Update modules: Geosphere

What is the GEOSPHERE?
Why do we care about the GEOSPHERE?
How do we study the GEOSPHERE?
Who are the people interested in the GEOSPHERE?
Where can I get more info about the GEOSPHERE?

GEOSPHERE teaches us about the things that make up the solid Earth the rocks and minerals, landforms and processes that make up the ground beneath us, and shape the surface of the planet. Have you ever wondered about any of these question topics listed below? GEOSPHERE answers all these and more - through movies, maps, images, and scientific facts, presented in an easy-to-understand, engaging manner.

What is remote sensing?

What is plate tectonics, and how does it work?

What are the features of the Earth's magnetic field?

How can we study the earth?

What are map projections?

What is the "Ring of Fire"?

What are minerals?

What are rocks?

What is the rock cycle?

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