Earth Update modules: Hydrosphere

What is the hydrosphere?
Why do we care about the hydrosphere?
How do we study the hydrosphere?
Who are the people interested in the hydrosphere?

Figure 1:
Sample screen from HYDROSPHERE

HYDROSPHERE teaches us about the liquid component of the planet Earth -- the lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, seas, oceans and other bodies of water that make up roughly 70% of our planet's surface. Have you ever wondered about any of these question topics listed below? HYDROSPHERE answers all these and more - through movies, maps, images, and scientific facts, presented in an easy-to-understand, engaging manner.

How warm are the seas today?

How fast are the winds?

How much water is in the clouds?
Is it raining in the tropics today?
Are the seas high or low today?
How high are the sea waves?
Where did it rain in the U.S.?
Are there severe weather warnings in effect?

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