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"Your products are excellent to say the least. And the technical leaps you have made from upgrade to upgrade are unparalleled in the software world I know. Thanks for your products..."


"I haven't done any real observing this lunar cycle, but I can set up a 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain Spotting scope on a heavy camera tripod with a fine-motion adapter in about 3 minutes. This allows high resolution and a wide view of the terminator so I can pick appropriate craters as benchmarks.

I gathered data for about 20 minutes on Oct 9, and 10 (last night) and found LMP to be dead-on both nights. I was able to benchmark from North to South along the terminator and you were right on target in all cases. You were more than close - you were dead-on."

Santa Cruz, CA USA

"For lunar observers, this may become the equivalent of planetarium programs like The Sky or Megastar." 
J. B.
Astrophotogragher at NEAF 2002 Show

"I have been using Lunar Map Pro with my refractors and have been very pleased. I use a diagonal with my refractors and that gives a N up E and W reversed image. Luckily I can set Lunar Map Pro to provide the very same image! I then use the rectangle Zoom option to look at an area Zooming in or out as needed. Then I move along the terminator using the yellow arrows. Great!"
J. P.
Charleston, SC, USA

"[While] it, (Lunar Map Pro) recommends a 300mhz machine, it runs very well on my 266mhz. This is pretty amazing, considering that it is vector driven and an enormous amount of code is being executed with each redraw ... Lunar Map Pro is an effective and welcome tool for the lunatics among us. I measured a large variety of craters and compared them with the figures Rukl gives and most were within a kilometer or two. Not earth-shattering significance, but I'm having a lot of fun with this effective tool!"
P. A.
Munishing, MI., USA


Praise from Sir Arthur C. Clarke (Acclaimed science-fiction author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and non-fiction author of The Exploration of the Moon)
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Cloudy Nights

Software Report by Peter Argenziano August 2004
"I would unequivocally recommend this program to anyone with a serious interest in lunar studies, whether the studies involve visual observation, lunar photography, or just armchair viewing." read full review

Posted 10/29/02
"Lunar Map Pro is up to the task of assisting in planning if your object is to bag certain features under certain illuminations. By using its phase options, I was able to select a particularly favorable sunrise over Copernicus to share with some friends."

Posted 10/15/02
"Lunar Map Pro is the first attempt to apply GIS (Geographical Information System) technology beyond the Earth's surface. I think RITI has been successful and has thus provided a software package that can serve as a excellent observing "tool" for the avid lunar investigator."


"[Just] looking at the Lunar Map Pro details, I have something which goes beyond the needs of a casual observing session.  The amount of detail (named and located features) requires enormous PC processing so I am more than willing to accept the lack of an instantaneous visual response to an information request.  If it were instantaneous, I wouldn't have the requisite detailed information.  In order to plan an imaging session, I need, for example, the details of just how far along even the smallest craters the Terminator has moved in an hour.  I want to be able to image the shadows as they vary from the beginning wall to the crater's plain to the end wall.  Lunar Map Pro provides this.  Thank you for your organization's responsiveness."
E. A.
Silver Spring, MD. USA

"[You] can print or display custom maps, including eyepiece FOV maps, that are oriented to your own telescope. As an SCT and Refractor user, I find that this feature alone is worth the cost of the software, because I don't have to deal with the problem of mirror-image maps anymore."
K. R.
Wantagh, NY, USA

"I have had the chance to have a go at Luna Map Pro and impressed I was. This program is a very powerful tool for lunar study in the field and behind the desk. I have not come across such a detailed program for the moon like this before."
D. B.
Kincumber NSW AU

"I congratulate you on your service. Software ordered 1 August at 20.00 hrs my time and delivered to my door in the UK at 15.00 hrs my time on 5 August. Well done. I wish I could get the same service from UK mail."
R. B.

Hastings, East Sussex, UK

"Many thanks for supplying the CDROM so promptly - called on Monday and it arrived on Thursday morning. Looks good so far!"
A. A.
Peterborough, Cambs, UK

"Nice piece of software."
P. C.
Thomastown, Kilkenny, Ireland


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