Performance Acceleration for Windows 98/ME
8/14/02, modified 10.17.02

If you are running LMP on Windows 98 or ME, you can now improve LMP performance by at least a factor of two. Simply download the program setCached.exe and follow the instructions below.

NOTE: this program modifies LMP files only. It does not affect the performance of any other applications.

Read Me Instructions (PDF 101 KB) 
Performance Accelerator for Win 98/ME (08/14/02) 212 KB


Please read and follow all instructions carefully.

  1. Download setCached.exe to the location of your choice.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, go to the directory where the file has been placed.
  3. Double-click setCached.exe (If your computer is set to hide file extensions, you will only see setCached). This will launch setCached.exe, which immediately searches for the LMP installation. If the setCached program finds the LMP installation (which will typically happen if you installed LMP in the default location), the setCached Dialog will appear, showing only an "Update Data" button; otherwise, in addition to the "Update Data" button, the dialog will show an empty text field labeled "Lunar Map Pro Directory" and a "Browse" button.
  4. Do ONE of the following:
  5. CASE 1: Your LMP installation directory was found automatically

    Just click the "Update Data" button and go to Step 5, below.

    CASE 2: Your LMP installation directory was not found automatically (because you chose a directory other than the default when you installed LMP)

    - Click the right mouse button on the LMP desktop ICON and move the mouse over "Properties" and click. The Lunar Map Pro Properties Dialog comes up.

    - On the Lunar Map Pro Properties Dialog, click the "Shortcut" tab. You will see a text field called "Target:".

    - Copy the path shown, up to and including the path element "Lunar Map Pro 1.0", to the "Lunar Map Pro Directory" field on the setCached Dialog, or use the "Browse" button to navigate to it.

  6. When setCached completes, you will see a small message box that says: "Your files have been updated. Unless you reinstall the application, you will not need to re-run this utility."
  7. Click "Ok" on the message box.

Your updated LMP is now ready to use.

Read Me Instructions (PDF 1
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Performance Accelerator for Win 98/ME (08/14/02) 212 KB

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