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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro Essentials Edition
key features 

Here are just some of the exciting features you'll get with Lunar Map Pro Essentials edition:

  • High-resolution 360° texture map: The map was developed by RITI, from NASA image data, and shows features smaller than 2 miles in diameter. The mouse pointer provides continuous readout of lunar longitude and latitude.
  • Observer View map: This unique display shows a naked-eye view of the moon, as seen at your observing site, complete with phase and zenith angle. It also displays the sun's position, as well as daylight, twilight, or night conditions. Lets you see for yourself exactly how phases occur.
  • High-resolution eclipse graphics: Experience the finest, most detailed eclipse graphics ever! View any lunar eclipse between 1970 AD and 2100 AD. Observe eclipse events in Local or Universal Time. Watch the moon turn rust-colored at total! The high-resolution setting provides umbral shadow accuracy of + or - one minute.
  • Navigator Window: A live miniature map gives you a bird's eye view of your map location, even when the primary map is zoomed in!
  • Real-time libration correction: The map view is fully-corrected for this predictable rolling motion of the moon, that occurs during the lunar cycle.
  • Zenith angle capability: Tips the map view to match the true angle of the moon as seen from your observing location, adding a new level of realism.
  • Map flips and reverses: Makes it easy to match the map view to the view through any telescope.
  • Hover: This capability lets you quickly identify features with a mouse touch. Right-clicking provides additional historical feature data.
  • Point-of-View: Lets you center yourself above any feature, as if you are in lunar orbit, eliminating angular distortion.
  • Feature database: Contains nearly 2,100 key features, including large and small plains, craters and crater chains, peaks and mountain ranges, capes, scarpes, ridges, fissures, valleys, and USA and Soviet, manned and unmanned landing sites. You can quickly locate and center any named feature, or find its next lunar sunrise and sunset times!
  • Field-of-View: Customizes the map to match the view through any telescope and eyepiece combination!
  • Surveyor Tool: Built on an advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) engine, this tool lets you accurately measure surface distances, or the diameters and lengths of lunar features.
  • Phase Manager: Shows real-time phases for any time and date between 1970 AD and 2100 AD.
  • Ephemeris: Provides real-time data for your observing location, including the time for moonrise, transit, and moonset.
  • Media Viewer: Contains Apollo video clips, lunar animations, and 3D images. Lots of fun and educational too!
  • Export - Link - Print: Save map images as JPEGs or paste them to other documents. Link your observing notes to any feature or feature group. Print customized professional-quality maps for use at the telescope.
As a Lunar Map Pro EE user, you get all of these great features and more, plus access to RITI's outstanding technical support. Lunar Map Pro Essentials Edition $34.95 

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