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Lunar Map Pro

Advanced Near-Side Atlas for Serious Lunar Observers 
Lunar Map Pro
™ 3.0 Field Edition $49.95

This version of our highly regarded Lunar Map Pro™ 3.0 software has been optimized to meet the needs of serious lunar observers who prefer the advantages of observing with software, instead of paper atlases or maps. With Lunar Map Pro FE, we carefully eliminated features not directly related to field use, creating a product that has less demanding system requirements. It boots-up faster and costs less; more importantly it's ideal for field applications. 

What was eliminated?

  1. We removed the three Geology Maps that classify features by Type, Age, and System, because they utilize significant computer resources, and are rarely needed under field conditions.
  2. We removed POV (Point-of-View), which allows users to observe the entire 360 degree surface of the moon from any point on the lunar sphere. While POV is a fascinating learning tool, it is an unnecessary feature at the eyepiece.
  3. We removed the 3D Viewer, which combines radar elevation data with our GIS platform, allowing users to create custom 3D views of lunar features. This advanced tool, found only in Lunar Map Pro 3.0, requires significant computer resources, and is not likely to be accessed in the field.
  4. We removed Internet Links, Animations and Video Clips, since most laptop users do not have Internet access at their observing site, and would not use these features at the telescope.

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