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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro Upgrades
RITI's software engineering team is continuously working to enhance the features and functionality of Lunar Map Pro™. 
available downloads The following software upgrades and patches are available for download. Caution: 1. Ensure your Lunar Map Pro has been installed and runs properly 2. Exit Lunar Map Pro program 3. Proceed to install upgrade(s) and/or patch(es).
u p g r a d e   f i l e s
LMP 5 Patch 
released 06/05/06

This patch is for customers with Registration No. 2006-0602-

• About this upgrade
• LMP5_patch_06_05_2006.exe 40 KB


LMP 5 Patch 
released 06/03/06

This patch is for customers with Registration Numbers 2006-430-

• About this upgrade
• LMP5_patch_06_03_2006.exe 2.24 MB


LMP 5 Patch 
released 05/12/06

This patch is for LMP5.0 customers with Registration No. 2006-0430-
This FREE patch will fix some minor bugs that were discovered after the release of the package, and update the documentation for the Glossary and User Guide.


• Read Me
• LMP5_patch_05_12_2006.exe 3.5 MB

The download should take just a few minutes (approx. 10 minutes for dial-up Internet users.) 

This patch is self-extracting.  Just download it to any location on your hard drive, double-click on the .exe file, and follow the directions.

LMP 3 Patch 
released 04/21/04

Image speed enhancement and minor bug fixes for
customers who purchased before the end of April 2004.

•  Read Me Instructions 
• LunarMapPro3April2004patch.exe 6.6 MB
LMP Patch 1.5.1
about this upgrade
released 12/15/02
modified 12/18/02


• Read Me Instructions PDF 84 KB

Choose one of the following to download:
• LunarMapPro1.5.1patch.exe 3 MB 
(Lic# starts with 256GMQ-******-******-*****)

• LunarMapPro1.5.1patchB.exe 3 MB (Lic# starts with 2002-0627-*****-*****) 


To save a pdf to your computer, you can download the file instead of viewing it online by following the instructions below (recommended if you have a dial-up connection rather than a high-speed internet connection):

On PC: Right-click your mouse and select either the "save target as" option (if you're using Internet Explorer), or "save link as" (if you're using Netscape.)

On Mac: Press Control-Click, then select the "save target as" option (if you're using Internet Explorer) or the "save link as" option (if you're using Netscape).



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