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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro 3.0 (Advanced Edition)

feature highlights 

  • Exclusive 3D graphic visualization lets you create your own 3D displays of the Moon's rugged landscape. See rilles, valleys, craters and mountains, almost as if you were on the lunar surface - NEW
  • Point-of-View (POV) tool allows you to center the map anywhere on the 360 degree lunar globe - NEW
  • Has Internet sites, animations, Apollo movie clips - NEW
  • Extensive database of nearly 8,200 nearside and farside features, can be located and explored using advanced search capabilities - IMPROVED
  • Phase Manager lets you view real-time lunar phases for any time and date between 1970 AD and 2100 AD - IMPROVED
  • NASA lunar texture map and RITI graphic map let you view the moon at high-resolution. A detailed outline map is available for sketching, and 3 interactive geology maps let you study lunar geological history.
  • Hover lets you quickly identify any feature with a mouse touch.
  • Maps flip and reverse to match your telescope view.
  • Eyepiece Field-of-View (FOV) feature lets you create custom maps that match the view through your own telescope and eyepieces.
  • Libration Correction occurs in real-time with all maps.
  • Surveyor Tool lets you accurately measure lunar distances, and the size of lunar features, including features with irregular shapes.
  • Ephemeris (almanac) provides real-time data for your observing location, such as moonrise, moonset, RA, DEC, Age of Lunation, Illumination %, and more.
  • Export maps or 3D Images as a JPEG, cut and paste them to documents, or print professional quality maps.
  • Link animated GIFs, personal photos and observing notes to any named features.

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