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Lunar Map Pro

Comprehensive 360° Atlas & 
Tools for Advanced Lunar Study

Lunar Map Pro™ 3.0
Deluxe Edition

Why choose Lunar Map Pro 3.0 Deluxe Edition for your lunar observing needs?

Only Lunar Map Pro™ 3.0 offers you a choice of several different map styles. All are fully corrected for libration, and optimized for specialized uses, such as sketching. With nearly 8,200 features, including landing sites, the complete USGS database, domes, and the Charles A. Wood Lunar 100, you have access to the most comprehensive computerized lunar feature database in the marketplace, which RITI's advanced Hover function lets you identify with a mouse touch!

The photographic (raster) map, was developed from NASA Clementine data, and reprocessed using RITI's proprietary enhancement techniques, to create the highest resolution map that can be produced from this data. The graphic (vector) map was developed using RITI's state-of-the-art GIS mapping technology, and delivers map detail that rivals the finest paper vector atlases on the market. In addition, there are three interactive geology maps that allow users with an interest in lunar geological history to identify features by: geological type, age, and system.

The Eyepiece Field-of-View Tool makes it easy to display or print professional quality custom maps that match the view through your own telescope and eyepieces, while the Surveyor Tool lets you accurately measure lunar features and lunar surface distances, using RITI's advanced multi-point measurement capability.

The Feature Manager's easy to use search capability, allows you quickly locate and center any lunar feature, as well as link your own astrophotos and observing notes to any feature or feature group in the database.

The NEW Point-of-View Manager lets you access features anywhere on the lunar globe, and lets you position yourself directly above selected features as if you were observing them from lunar orbit.

The NEW 3D Viewer lets you create 3D images of your favorite lunar features. This "state-of-the-art" capability was developed through the successful integration of extensive lunar radar elevation data into RITI's GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping platform.

A NEW Resource Viewer is also available, providing animations and video clips, as well as easy access to numerous Lunar Internet Websites.

These are just a few of the many reasons why renowned author Sir Arthur C. Clarke, NASA's Johnson Space Center, and numerous colleges and universities throughout the world, rely on Lunar Map Pro™, the software designed for people serious about lunar observing!

“Lunar Map Pro is the most detailed software available.”
– Sky and Telescope

 “Absolutely fascinating – how I wish some of my long-gone BAA friends could have lived to see it… My Congratulations!”  
-- Sir Arthur C Clarke.

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