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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro™ 5.0 Deluxe Edition

* upgrade versions also available

what was too good to change...
In addition to offering many improvements and new tools with this latest version, Lunar Map Pro™ 5.0 continues to offer the following great features as well:

  Multiple map options: Lunar Map Pro is the only lunar software program that provides multiple map options for unparalleled flexibility. Select the image map for realism, or the outline map for applications, such as sketching. Interactive geology maps reveal lunar geological history. All maps flip and
reverse to match your telescope view and are fully corrected for libration.

Zenith angle capability: Tips the map view to match the true angle of the moon as seen from your observing location, adding a new level of realism.

Animation Assistant: Create your own animated movie clips of the lunation cycle, libration, lunar flyovers, zoom sequences and more. Your only limitation is your own imagination!

Exclusive 3D graphic visualization: Lets you create actual 3D views of the harsh lunar landscape. 3D visualization is the next best thing to being there!

Navigator Window: A live miniature map gives you a bird's eye view of your map location, even when the map is zoomed in!

Point-of-View: Lets you center yourself above any feature, as if you are in lunar orbit, eliminating angular distortion.

Extensive feature database: Contains nearly 8,200 features, including the complete USGS database, domes, astronaut named features, and the USA and Soviet, manned and unmanned landing sites. You can quickly locate and center any feature, or find lunar sunrise and sunset times for any named feature!

Hover: Identifies features with a mouse touch. Right-clicking provides additional historical data about the feature.

Field-of-View: Customizes the maps to match the view through your own telescope and eyepieces.

Surveyor Tool: Built on an advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) engine, this tool lets you accurately measure surface distances, or the diameters and lengths of lunar features.

Phase Manager: Shows real-time phases for any time and date between 1970 AD and 2100 AD.

Ephemeris: Provides extensive real-time data for your observing location.

Export - Link - Print: Save map images as JPEGs or paste them to other documents. Link your astro-photos and observing notes to any feature or feature group. Print customized professional-quality maps.


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