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Lunar Map Pro

Feature Comparison: 
LMP Version 5.0 Deluxe Edition 
vs. LMP Version Essentials Edition

Lunar Map Pro Feature List



High-Resolution Texture (image) Map  (created from NASA image data, it provides the most realistic feature  representation) as small as 1 mile as small as 2 miles
High-Resolution Vector (graphic) Map  (delivers clean, high-resolution images that do not suffer from zoom limitations) Yes No
High-Resolution Texture Map with Vector Overlay  (enhances difficult to observe limb features, and low albedo features) Yes No
High-Resolution Vector Sketch Map  (provides a template for users who enjoy sketching at the eyepiece) Yes No
Geology Map – by Type  (interactive map that shows the geological composition of features) Yes No
Geology Map – by Age  (interactive map that shows the geological age of features) Yes No
Geology Map – by System  (interactive map that shows the geological era associated with features) Yes No
Observer View Map  (graphic display of the sun’s local sky position, the moon’s position in phase, daylight, twilight, & night conditions)


Maps Fully Corrected for Libration  (predictable rolling motion of the moon that occurs during the lunar cycle)


Zenith Angle Capability  (tips the map angle to match the moon’s actual appearance in the sky)


Navigator Window  (identifies map location when primary map is zoomed-in) Yes Yes
Hover  (provides mouse sensitive feature identification, and gazetteer) Yes Yes
Database of Named Features  (features that can be identified with Hover / Labeler / Feature Finder) 8,169 2,079
USA Manned and USA / Soviet Unmanned Landing Sites  (graphical display includes landing dates, mission names and numbers) Yes Yes
Flip & Reverse  (this capability matches the map view to the view through any telescope) Yes Yes
Displays Entire 3600 Lunar Surface  (only 59% of the lunar surface can be seen from earth, but LMP covers the entire globe) Yes Yes
Point-of-View -  by Hemisphere  (selects any of 6 different hemispheres with a mouse click) Yes Yes
Point-of-View - by Position  (centers the user above any location, eliminating angular distortion of features) Yes Yes
Point-of-View - by Rotation  (rotates the lunar map in any direction by a user-selected number of degrees) Yes No
Lunar Eclipse Finder  (complete lunar eclipse data from 1970 AD to 2100 AD with graphical umbral accuracy to + or – 1 minute) Yes Yes
Compass Toggle  (displays or removes the map compass) Yes Yes
Grid Toggle  (displays or removes the dynamically adjustable Longitude / Latitude grid) Yes Yes
Zoom Functions  (by Rectangle / by 50% steps) Yes Yes
Custom Zoom Scale  (sets user-selectable map scale for use in critical projects) Yes No
Pan Functions  (by 25% steps / Drag / Center at Mouse Click / Center View by Coordinates) Yes Yes
Group Labeler  (fonts for the various feature groups are user-selectable by style, color, size) Yes Yes
Surveyor Tool  (accurately measures surface distances and features, including irregular features such as mountain ranges) Yes Yes
Night View  (provides user-adjustable map display brightness) Yes No
Time & Date Manager  (select any time and date from 1970 AD through 2100 AD in Universal or Local Time) Yes Yes
Phases by Time & Date  (also includes user- selectable phase mask transparency) Yes Yes
Ephemeris  (data customizable to a users observing location) Yes Yes*
Field-of-View  (creates custom maps for any telescope / eyepiece combination) Yes Yes
Feature Finder  (rapidly locates any feature in the database) Yes Yes
Custom Labeling by Specific Feature  (user-selectable, individual feature labels and label placement) Yes No
Next Lunar Sunrise & Sunset - by Feature  (lets users know the most favorable time and date to observe selected features) Yes Yes
Links Personal Observing Notes to Any Feature or Feature Group  (lets users easily organize and retrieve observing notes) Yes Yes
Links Personal Photos to Any Feature or Feature Group  (lets users easily organize and retrieve lunar-photos) Yes No
3D Terrain Modeling  (combines radar elevation with GIS data so users can create 3D views of features, with tilt and rotation) Yes No
Animation Assistant  (lets users easily create their own animated video clips) Yes No
Resource Viewer  (Internet links that quickly connect users to numerous lunar web sites) Yes No
Media Viewer (shows Apollo Video Clips, Lunar Animations, 3D Images) Yes** Yes
Print Custom Maps  (allows users to make quality personalized maps with labels, compass directions,  titles, and ephemeris data) Yes Yes
Copy / Paste  (users can copy and paste maps to other documents such as Microsoft Word®) Yes Yes
Save Images as JPEGs  (users can capture any screen images and save them as JPEGs) Yes Yes
Mouse Sensitive Pop-Up Hints  (pop-ups instantly let users know the function of tools, buttons, and tabs) Yes Yes
Context-Specific Help Buttons  (lets users directly access help info for a specific tool being used) Yes Yes
User Guide / Glossary / Lunar Fact Table / Feature Abbreviations Yes Yes
Geology Legend / Charles Wood Lunar 100 Reference Table Yes*** No
RITI Tech Support /  Bug Fixes  (Registered Users Only!) FREE FREE

Recommended System Requirements:
Windows Operating System
Disk Space  

2000, XP
750 MB
256 MB 
1 GHz

2000, XP
220 MB
192 MB 
500 MHz
Retail Price  (Prices subject to change) $89.95 $34.95

* Simplified Version in the Essentials Edition    
**  Included in the Resource Viewer in the Deluxe Edition    
The Charles Wood Lunar 100 is a Sky & Telescope
® feature


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