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Lunar Map Pro

Still Images Gallery Click on any of the thumbnails in the gallery to view enlarged versions of the images.

Map resolution 
RITI's new "state-of-the-art" texture (image) map resolves features smaller than a mile in diameter and sets a new industry standard in texture map resolution. If you wouldn't settle for a low resolution telescope, why settle for a low resolution map?

These images of the Plato Region, and the crater, Copernicus, clearly illustrate the superior resolution of Lunar Map Pro™ 4.0 Deluxe Edition when compared to the competition.

3D viewing
RITI has successfully integrated NASA radar elevation data into its GIS mapping platform. This capability allows you to create true 3D views of lunar features, making 3D terrain modeling the next best thing to being there!
This comparison image shows the Apenninus Mountains Region as an earth-based view, and with 3D terrain modeling applied to the image.

POV capability 

The earth-based appearance of lunar features is significantly altered by angular distortion when they are close to the limb. POV places you above features, (as if you were in lunar orbit), and allows you to observe them as they really are!
These comparison images show the crater, Clavius and the Mare Crisium as an earth-based view, and corrected for angular distortion using POV.

Multiple map choices 
Lunar Map Pro™ is the only lunar software program that provides a variety of map choices for unparalleled flexibility. Choose our high-resolution texture (image) map for realism. Choose our vector (outline) map for special applications such as sketching. Choose from three interactive geology maps to study lunar geological history. All maps flip and reverse to match your telescope view and are fully corrected for libration!

These images of the Ptolemaeus Region show a texture map view, vector map view, and a geological history (by age) view. These are just three of the seven different available map options!

360° map coverage 
Lunar Map Pro™ 4.0 Deluxe Edition is a comprehensive mapping product providing high-resolution coverage of the entire lunar surface!

This image shows a detailed view of the Mare Orientale Region on the farside of the moon.

Zenith angle capability
This exciting new user-selectable feature tips the map view to match the true angle of the moon as seen from your observing location. When the moon is above your local horizon, the map display matches the moon's appearance in the sky!

These comparison images show a stagnant north-up view of a crescent moon at moonrise, and the moon's actual moonrise appearance, with Zenith Angle activated.




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