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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro™ 5.0 Deluxe Edition

* upgrade versions also available

what's new in 5.0 
High resolution lunar eclipse graphics Experience the finest, most detailed eclipse graphics ever! View any lunar eclipse between 1970 AD and 2100 AD. SHADOW MODE lets you observe a lunar eclipse using Local or Universal Time. The moon even turns rust colored at total! MOON MODE provides ultra-high resolution views. Umbral shadow accuracy is + or - 1 minute, making it suitable for planning crater timing programs.

Local sky view map This unique display shows the moon's naked-eye position at your observing site, complete with phase and zenith angle. Also displays the sun, as well as daylight, twilight, or night conditions at a glance.

Improved map display We introduced our ultra-high resolution 360º maps in Lunar Map Pro 4.0. Now we've tweaked them for even greater accuracy, while still retaining our industry leading, 1-mile-in-diameter map resolution!

Of course, Lunar Map Pro 5.0 also retains great features from earlier versions as well. Learn more... 


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