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Lunar Map Pro

b u y o n l i n e

system requirements Operating System: PC - Windows™ 2000, XP
Speed: 1 GHz RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 750 MB disk space for complete
Video RAM: 16 MB 
Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768, 16-bit color

* 3D uses OpenGL & may require disabling DirectX
* Microsoft IE 4.0+ for ResourceViewer
* QuickTime or Windows Media Player for videos

Lunar Map Pro 5.0
Deluxe Edition

Price: $79.95
+ shipping & handling*

buy it with Celestial Explorer: Mars and save!

Upgrade versions
Upgrade from LMP 4.0 $19.95
Upgrade from LMP 3.0 or earlier version $39.95
Upgrade from Field Edition $39.95
Upgrade from Essential Edition


system requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP
Speed: 500 MHz
RAM: 192 MB 
Disk space: 220 MB 
Resolution: 1024 x 768, 16- bit color, 16 MB video RAM on graphics card
QuickTime or Windows Media Player for videos

Lunar Map Pro Essentials Edition
Price: $35
+ shipping & handling*

* See our international shipping and handling policy

To order by telephone/email or to inquire about Lunar Map Pro please call a RITI sales representative at 781-942-1655, email ritisales@riti.com, or fill out the contact form on our contact page.


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.LMP 4.0 
  Deluxe Edition

  - New features
  - Other features

LMP Essentials

  - Overview
  - Details
..(Essentials Ed. vs.
.. Field Ed.)

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