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Celestial Explorer: MARS

feature highlights 
  • 3D Terrain Model lets you create your own 3D display of Mars's unique landscape. See mountains, valleys, craters, landing site & more almost as if you were on the Mars surface

  • NASA Mars maps let you see high-definition maps, including a full, detailed geological map

  • Educational games such as TicTacToe* and trivia quiz (Survey*) test your knowledge about Mars.  View, rotate 360°, zoom in and out of the many available VR panorama images from Spirit, Opportunity, and Pathfinder

  • Full Mars features database lets you locate and explore past and planned landing sites, canyons, mountains, craters, and all other geographic features.  Celestial Explorer: Mars has over 1,400 named and documented features, complete with historical and factual data

  • Information and multimedia resources give you the latest update from NASA JPL, exploratory timeline, and Mars Update

  • Point-of-View lets you center, rotate, and move anywhere on the 360° Mars Globe

  • Measurement tool allows you accurately measure distances and features on Mars

  • Presentation tools

    • Print customized labels

    • Print detailed, professional-quality maps

    • Link personal notes and photos to named features

    • Export maps as jpegs or cut and paste maps to your documen

Product overview

Product details
• Key features
• Mars Update,
Panoramas, TicTacToe &  Update

Image Gallery

Animated 3D Gallery

Order $45
Education disc available
• Buy it with LMP 3.0 and save $10!

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