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Space Update

Space Update Photo + Video Gallery
Click on the pictures below to play video clips or view panoramic photo. Dial-up connections will take several minutes to download and play the videos. Playback requires version 5 or higher of QuickTime (free).

VR Panoramic Interactive Images  Hint: use mouse and drag image to rotate; use panel to zoom in or out the 360 degree panoramic image.
Click to view Click to view

Take a ride with 
Apollo 11 (489 KB) 
* Courtesy NASA


Take a peak at 360 view from Mars Pathfinder (822 KB)
* QuickTime VR copyright Rice University

Video and Animation Clips
Click to view clip Click to view clip
Jupiter taken from Voyager with rotation of Great Red Spot (506 KB)

Play full lunar phase cycle (1032 KB)

Click to view clip Click to view clip
Animation of Near Spacecraft touching down on asteroid Eros (2321 KB) See animation of the Sun mass ejection (2769 KB)

Click to view picture Click to view picture
Saturn from Voyager
(Courtesy NASA/JPL)
Asteroid Ida taken from Galileo spacecraft (Courtesy JHU/JPL)

“Space Update” © 2002 Rice University, 
Distributed by Space Update Inc.


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Sky Tonight
Solar System
Space Weather
Space Events

Photo + Video Gallery 

System Requirements

Order $39.95

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