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Space Update

Looking for an astronomy project to stimulate young learners?

SPACE UPDATE is an interactive, real-time display system of Earth and Space Science images and data designed for educational purposes and recreational learning. SPACE UPDATE is GREAT for reference, home-study, and educators (8 yrs and up), and is currently used by MUSEUMS and SCHOOLS

  • Over 600MB of images and movies representing the best of earth and space science research, documented, with web references on how to find out more.
  • Free image updates from the internet. Save for kids and unattended use.
  • Reviewed by NASA scientists, tested by educators, and used by Museums.
  • Teacher’s lesson plans included
  • Free Cosmos Clock screen saver
  • Basic Sky Chart for beginners 

SPACE UPDATE has been tested extensively in both museum and school settings. This software is now ready for release in both Mac and Windows versions for your learning and enjoyment. (click here for system requirements)

TEACHER’S LESSON PLAN samples (more than 30 lesson plans)

For only $39.95

SPACE UPDATE currently has 5 modules:

1: Astronomy learn more
2: Sky Tonight learn more
3: Solar System learn more
4: Space Weather learn more
5: Space Events learn more



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Sky Tonight
Solar System
Space Weather
Space Events

Photo + Video Gallery

System Requirements

Order $39.95

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